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This Machine Eats Tweets: The System Behind @Comcast and Others - ReadWriteWeb

notes on how brands are using twitter analytics and CRM to manage cust service. Mentions Radian6 and WebTrends. Dell VP of Community has a 45 person team
use.. or misuse of social marketing
It turns out though, that far more than that was happening behind the scenes. An extensive machinery of tracking, delegation and analysis stood between Bill and my little Twe
Radian6 system and others - how social media monitoring works at large companies (with one screenshot of radian6)
Lifehacker - 30-Second DVR Tweak Speeds Up Commercial Skipping - TiVo
30-second commercial skipping on his Comcast DVR:
interesting comment thread on other dvr's including replay history
DVRs have revolutionized the way people watch TV, but if you've always wished your DVR were a little better at skipping commercials, this classic 30-second skip hack is a must. For what it's worth, we realize that these tricks aren't new by any means. Still, we've never featured them here, and the aim of this post is to collect as many of them as possible. Right now, we're aware of two hacks of this kind: one for the TiVo, the other for Comcast DVR.