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A new layout system to replace floats or display:table or html tables. Based on the W3C's proposed 'CSS Template Layout Module' for CSS3
Smart Columns w/ CSS & jQuery
As I observe other liquid based websites, I see two commonly used techniques on displaying columns, the fixed columns and the liquid columns. There are drawbacks to both that I would like to point out, and later would like to pitch my solution.
Finally a good solution.
Ein jQuery-Plugin zum Erzeugen von pseudo-fixen Spalten, die intelligent auf das Resizen des Browser-Fenster reagieren.
Four Methods to Create Equal Height Columns | Build Internet!
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Really simple CSS trick for equal height columns –
This tutorial describes a really simple CSS trick to implement a fake equal height columns effect using the CSS properties position:absolute and border. Before to proceed I suggest you to download my CSS 2 Visual Cheat Sheet for a practical reference guide to CSS 2 properties that can help you understand concepts illustrated in this post.
Table Row and Column Highlighting | CSS-Tricks