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How Two Coke Fans Brought the Brand to Facebook Fame - Advertising Age - Digital

coca cola ♥ ..
Il mistero del successo di una delle innumerevoli pagine spontanee della Coca-Cola
Soda Has Most Popular Page After President, in Collaboration Between Creators and Marketer
Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, Revised Edition - Brand New
Saw this in a tweet the other day, subsequently brought it up in a conversation last night. Coca-cola is alien good.
An interesting historical look at the branding for competing brands - coke and pepsi.
Román Cortés » Pure CSS Coke Can
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De evolutie van de logo's van pepsi en coka cola
Pepsi's logos vs. Coca Cola's
logos of the two companies over the years
Coke Pushes Value-Based Agency Compensation Model - Advertising Age - News
Coca-Cola Co. is trying to start an industrywide movement toward a "value-based" compensation model like one it's adopted that promises agencies nothing more than recouped costs if they don't perform -- but profit margins as high as 30% if their work hits top targets.
how coke rewards advertising agencies, value/performance based compensation