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Creating Thumbnails Using the CSS Clip Property

Clippings are currently only offered in the shape of a rectangle but more shapes might be supported in the future. You can create a rectangle clipping using the rect shape. Using rect requires four coordinates Top, Right, Bottom, Left (TRBL). Let’s take a closer look at how clip calculates the clipping region since it tends to cause some confusion. Keep in mind that the bottom starts from the top, and the right starts from the left.
Some bitching in the comments but not a bad technique for some situations.
CSS Sprites with Inline Images | CSS-Tricks
using one image and clipping it to produce multiple sub-images. good optimization technique image loading times.
5 Simple, But Useful CSS Properties
Quelques propriété CSS courantes mais à ne pas oublier: Clip, min-height, white-space, cursor, display
Handy css tips / clip tag :)