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The Benefits of a Classical Education - O'Reilly Radar

Article sobre beneficis dels estudis clàssics :)
Resulta que Tim O'rEilly estudió Clásicas.
"I've been deeply influenced by Aristotle's idea that virtue is a habit, something you practice and get better at, rather than something that comes naturally. "The control of the appetites by right reason," is how he defined it. My brother James once brilliantly reframed this as "Virtue is knowing what you really want," and then building the intellectual and moral muscle to go after it."
The Second Pass
Books in the canon that this guy reckons, shouldn't be...
A humorous take on books to skip - The Official Online Store of Warner Bros. Studios: Warner Archive,default,sc.html - The Official Online Store of Warner Bros. Studios
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The Official Online Store of Warner Bros. Studios: Warner Archive
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