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Information visualization course
The Master List of Free Online College Courses | Universities and Colleges
Web Top 50 Free Open Courseware Classes to Develop Better Web Sites — Best Web Design Schools
The following list of 50 free open courseware classes can help you develop better Web sites. The university or learning center name is included so you can begin to browse through their other online resources as well. The list is categorized, and each link under those categories is listed alphabetically. This method assures readers that we do not value one resource over another. - community powered learning
really nice open learning platform. needs paypal or credit card billing to really go anywhere though, methinks.
Really Useful Classes And Libraries For PHP Developers | W3Avenue
led on Microsoft
8 Free Online Entrepreneurial Finance Classes from MIT | College Mogul
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100 Totally Fun and Weird College Courses You Can Now Take for Free | Online Find the Right Online Class Match
100 fun and weird college courses are now available for free online.
Part of the fun of being a college student is taking all kinds of weird and fun classes that you'd never dream of.
Open & Free Courses
10+ extremely useful PHP classes
One of the numerous good points of the PHP programming language is its extensibility. In this article, I’m going to show you 10+ extremely useful PHP classes that will definitely make your developer life easier.
Free Programming Classes : Learn How to Program
Free Programming Classes : Learn How to Program
A comprehensive real-time course on programming for everyone from total beginner to experienced programmer. Read each lesson, one at a time. Start at lesson one. Master the material in each lesson before proceeding to the next one. Do not worry about falling behind. Take as much time as you need on each lesson. Do not skim. Ask questions and read the discussions on each lesson. All lessons are actively monitored for questions. This is set so that only I can create posts, so that I can keep everything organized. See also the "Learning Programming" Community on Reddit: which was started by 6553321.
Summary of all the MIT Introduction to Algorithms lectures - good coders code, great reuse
"As you all may know, I watched and posted my lecture notes of the whole MIT Introduction to Algorithms course. In this post I want to summarize all the topics that were covered in the lectures and point out some of the most interesting things in them."
Salisbury University - Department of Teacher Education
5 Advanced CSS Pseudo Classes that will Save your Day | DevSnippets
5 Advanced CSS Pseudo Classes that will Save your Day
As it says on the tin.
10 Less-Known Yet Powerful ActionScript Libraries / Classes
Black Hawk College
College Web site
My blackhawk
College website to help maintain knowledge of grades, homework, & college announcement
School grades, finacial aid information, email teachers
Access to myBlackhawk.
college information site. way to keep up to date with school work
9 Magic Methods for PHP | Carsonified
construct, destruct, get, call, etc.
RT @draenews: Del 9 Magic Methods for PHP | Carsonified: