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Solo Descargas Directas

Descargas de cine y series
Las 65 mejores películas de los años 80 | El blog de Webmarket
Agencia de diseño web interactivo en Alicante, España | Interactive web design agency in Alicante, Spain
peliculas 80
Top 100 films of all time, according to Les Cahiers du Cinema - Telegraph
CahiersduCinema CahiersduCinemaCahiersduCinema TelegraphTelegraph
top 100 films of all time!!
50 Brilliantly Photoshopped Movie Posters - Psdtuts+
coleccion de afiches de peliculas... productos del photoshop
25 sitios para ver películas gratis online, en español y subtituladas » Dotpod
timos estrenos. El único detalle es que
cine gratis en linea.
Solo Descargas Directas
Descargas directas de peliculas
Solo Descargas Directas
Mini manual para entender las calidades de las películas descargadas y no morir en el intento TeknoPlof! the one and only tv and movies search engine
The one and only tv and movies search engine
Las 50 películas que deberías ver antes de morir - TCM España
Las “50 películas que deberías ver antes de morir”
TCM ha seleccionado las “50 películas que deberías ver antes de morir”. En la web podrás ver íntegros los reportajes especiales dedicados a cada uno de estos míticos títulos.
Flickr: Secuencia de fotos de Michael Heilemann
v. cool mustang photo
had starwars pics, no longer does, still has Modesty Blaise poster, which is great.
This guy has the largest collection of Star Wars concept art I've ever seen. Check it out. This almost makes up for the Wookiee Mrs. Solo
A guide to 3D display technology: its principles, methods, and dangers
A primer in case you’re not familiar with how 3D works in general.
Even if it feels silly, just indulge me here: close just your right eye. Now just your left. Now your right. It’s like in Wayne’s World: camera one, camera two. You must have noticed that things change position a bit. This, of course, is because your eyes are a few inches apart; this is called the “interocular distance” and it varies from person to person. Note also that when you look at something close, objects appear in double in the background. Look at the corner of the screen. See how the chair or window back there is doubled? It’s because you’re actually rotating your eyes so they both point directly at what you’re focusing on. This is called “convergence,” and it creates a sort of X, the center of the X being what’s being focused on. You’ve probably seen a diagram like this one before:
some info around the 3d tech currently
Whether you buy into the hype or not, it’s plain fact that 3D is everywhere these days. From movies and games to laptops and handhelds, pretty much every screen in the house is going to be 3D-capable in a year or so, even if you opt not to display any 3D content on it. Those of you who choose that path may stop reading now, and come back a little later when you change your mind. Because if you have kids or enjoy movies and games, there will be a point where you’re convinced, perhaps by a single standout piece of media, that 3D is worth it at least some of the time.