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Wired Campus: Professor Encourages Students to Pass Notes During Class -- via Twitter -

Example of in-class backchannel.
Cole W. Camplese, director of education-technology services at Pennsylvania State University at University Park, prefers to teach in classrooms with two screens — one to project his slides, and another to project a Twitter stream of notes from students. He knows he is inviting distraction — after all, he’s essentially asking students to pass notes during class. But he argues that the additional layer of communication will make for richer class discussions.
Heh. Had a chunk of my talk on Wed about why this was a bad idea. But part of how the prof is doing this makes quite a bit of sense and help alleviate my general concerns about this approach.
Twitter e lousa ao mesmo tempo? Até que ponto a inserção destas ferramentas torna o ensino mais produtivo?
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