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5 Cool Websites to Play Chess Online !

Chess is one of ancient game that is played since ages by intellectuals and common people alike. Playing chess requires skills and acquit concentration. It also helps in improving once strategies and decision making power. Chess is played between two players so if you do not have an opponent to play with you can always find one on Internet. Internet is one large community with millions of users online at any time. There are some dedicated sites for playing chess online where you can find players to play with. If there are no players then you can always play the game against computer.
Playing chess helps children excel in maths — Chess Blog
siin räägitakse midagi tarka maletamisest!
food for thought to integrate into our current math program
chess learning; good for children
One Simple Mental Exercise to improve your Mind Power — Chess Blog
One Simple Mental Exercise to improve your Mind Power — Chess Blog
Role of chess in improving your character
Full ZX-81 Chess in 1K
The Knight's Tour
The Knight's Tour is a mathematical problem involving a knight on a chessboard. The knight is placed on the empty board and, moving according to the rules of chess, must visit each square exactly once.
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