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picture tour of Chernobyl ruins
We start not far from the remains of a tiny village. The village was destroyed, and then buried under orders from the soviets for being too radioactive. It was buried out of the Soviets desire to cover up the accident more than anything else. Ironically, the name of the village translated to English is called 'Diggers'.. • View topic - BLH's tour of Chernobyl. Hello Digg/Reddit/world!!
So heres my trip to Chernobyl in pictures. The trip was booked with I just emailed, and got in touch with the guy who runs the whole place, Sergei. Really, really helpful guy who talked me through the whole process and answered numerous dumbass emails i sent him. You can book everything through them, from the flights (cost me about 500 euro) to hotel (160 euro for 2 nights), to a pickup at the airport and dropoff when leaving ($40 each).
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abandonedplaces: Ukraine, Pripyat. 2009
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Haunting images of the literal fallout from Chernobyl.
FOTOS SENSACIONAIS de lugares abandonados na ucrania