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Unicode In 5 Minutes - Second Life Wiki

45+ Excellent Examples of using Character Illustrations in Web Design | Naldz Graphics
This post is a showcase of 45+ Excellent Examples using Character Illustrations in Web Design. The list below are showing some of the coolest sites where character illustrations are put into action.
Free online OCR
I have used it and it works. Limit to ten pages per hour, each 2 MB or less.
Entity Code - A Clear and Quick Reference to HTML Entities Codes
Colorburned | Create a Character Mascot with Adobe Illustrator CS4
Mascots are becoming increasingly popular in web design. In this intermediate Illustrator tutorial we will show you how to create a vector character mascot from
Create a Character Mascot with Adobe Illustrator CS4
Colorburned |
This is an intermediate Illustrator tutorial, show how to create a vector character mascot from a sketch in Adobe Illustrator CS4. Need pen sketch, scanner, Illustrator, easy to follow Tut.
Create A Face Online! Make Your Own Character Online, Create A Virtual Person. Your Caricature, Caricature Drawings From Photos.
Create a face in just minutes
mit. Create a face in just minutes, and share it on your blog or Facebook
Crear cara online face rostro
45+ Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Cartoon Character Illustrations | Naldz Graphics
11 Well Written Character Illustration Tutorials | Web Design Ledger
How to draw cute characters in vector-drawing programs like Illustrator.
Adding characters and mascots to a web design is a great way to give a site personality and make it fun and memorable. Here are 11 well written tutorials that
25 High-Quality, Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Cute Characters - Vectortuts+
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jQuery plugin: Simplest Twitter-like dynamic character count for textareas and input fields | Css Globe
On your site you might have a comment box or contact form fields limited to certain character count. You can use this simple plugin to provide user with that useful information.
Plan to Fail: Old Game Characters
So you wanted to play a game about a brilliant, british, female archeologist, huh? Well, knock yourself out
Personajes de juegos de computadora envejecidos.
I've noticed a lot of nerd artists tend to draw G-Dawg here as this brave, heroic, smirking bad ass crushing alien faces with a crow-bar, but if there's anything my life has taught me, it's that nerds aren't bad asses, and the way the first Half-Life game was played was far from bad ass action hero. It was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants game of ammo-management, with really suspenseful silent parts, and frantic action parts. If anything, Gordon Free
Repeat after me: Unicode is not UTF-\d{1,2} « Enjoy, you’re doing it wrong!
Unicode is a standard, UTF-8/16/32 are encodings.
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