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A Closer Look at Facebook's New Privacy Options

ReadWriteWeb mener at det er en del positive endringer i Facebooks privacy-innstllinger (siden du nå lettere kan styre hvem som skal se hva) - men problemet er jo nettopp at det ikke ER så lett. Fortsatt alt for kronglete å forstå, og alt for mye arbeid å lage listene som skal til..
Chances are you wouldn't tell grandma about the wild party you went to last Saturday night. Likewise, you might have spent Sunday evening at home knittin' a mitten ...
This newest change in the privacy options for sharing content on Facebook represents a major change to the nature of communicating on the site. If it's implemented well it could make a dramatic difference in the way people use the site. Given the change underway and the company's move to lobby governments around the world in favor of its privacy philosophy, we think it would be a good idea to have a more thorough public conversation about what that philosophy is.
Google is changing and it will affect your site « Boagworld
Some of the changes at Google are more visible than others, and some more useful than others, but it goes to show that Google aren’t quite ready to let things stagnate just yet after the launch of Microsoft’s Bing. Realtime results OK, so maybe you have to be using another search engine to miss it, but a list of recent search result changes would be incomplete without mentioning this big one. For some search terms Google are now displaying realtime results: effectively results from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Undoubtedly this will have an effect on search engine optimisation, but whether that means more up to date (and more relevant) results are being returned or simply people will spam Twitter to be featured at the top of Google’s search results remains to be seen.