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tweetCC | Publish & license tweets with Creative Commons

tweetCC | Publish & license tweets with Creative Commons
Publish & license tweets with Creative Commons
Publish & license tweets with Creative Commons Send a message to tweetcc via Twitter including the words "@tweetcc: I license my tweets under a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license" (via @jeanlucr)
Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive
Find Creative Commons Images in Google Image Search
Blog posting announcing Google's new ability to search only Creative Commons images. Not available yet in the browser, but works from this blog posting.
search for images using CC license
DiscoverEd from ccLearn
description needed- test too if the description can be pasted into the library's account
Discover the universe of open educational resources
Attempting to assist searching for educational resources on the web.
OAi en recherches sur la pédagogie
To Share or Not to Share, That is the Question – FreelanceSwitch
FairShare -- Watch how your work spreads. Understand how it is used.
Watch how your work spreads. Understand how it is used.
* Home * Feedback * Help * Sign in Watch how your work spreads. Understand how it is used. To get started, please enter the feed URL containing your work.
Ferramenta que permite rastrear o conteúdo de seu blog pela web e saber como e por quem ele está sendo utilizado. O lançamento é uma parceria da empresa de monitoramento Attributor com a Creative Commons, que oferece licenças mais brandas de direitos autorais. Depois de cadastrar o RSS de seu blog, você recebe um outro RSS, que disponibiliza links de sites que estão utilizando o seu conteúdo.
FairShare is a free service that enables you to claim your work, watch how it spreads and learn how it is used across the Web.
YouTube Blog
Youtube is also testing an option that gives video owners the ability to permit downloading of their videos from YouTube. Partners could choose to offer their video downloads for free or for a small fee paid through Google Checkout. In an effort to promote the sharing of information, we are testing free downloads of YouTube videos from Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCTV (broadcasting programs from throughout the UC system). YouTube users who are traveling or teachers who want to show these videos in classrooms with limited or no connectivity should find this particularly useful.
Date YouTube adopted CC
Announcement from YouTube about the "Download Video" link now available on select videos in the public domain or with Creative Commons Licenses. First of the groups do do this was Obama's organization that posted all his transition speeches on YouTube. Announcement also includes links to several universities who are posting lectures and other videos for download.
dig.ccmixter “You already have permission…”
Find the perfect music, liberally licensed, for your project or listening
Great music, all of which is liberally licensed under a Creative Commons license so you already have permission to use this music in your video, podcast, school project, etc.
Música con licencias CC
Part of CC Mixter, more to choose from categorized by need