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Lolcats, "I Can Has Cheezburger?" | Salon Life
The lolcats, the Internet's most famous felines, may be hilarious. But in their yearning, I see nothing less than the tragedy of the human condition.
Vet Help Direct - Interactive Qualified Vet Advice
Does your pet need a vet? Step by step questions to help you decide
VetHelpDirect is a web-based assessment tool for determining whether or not your pet needs veterinary care, as well as getting reliable information about various animal behaviors and conditions.
Russian lolcats
English Translations of Eastern Bloc Lolcats
Funny "translated" lolcats.
English translation of eastern bloc lolcats.
YouTube - kittens inspired by kittens
holy #$%@#$%@#$%@#$%!!!!!!!!!!
OMGROTFLMAO. Watch it twice. At least. [via waxy]
The Agreeable Cat by Anne Loucks
Have your pets accept troublesome EULAs on your behalf.
I didn't agree to the EULA; my kitty did.
via 530s
5yxcu0.jpg (JPEG Image, 484x1265 pixels)
Oldest Ever Lolcat Found *gasp* (Iz From Teh 1905) « Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
oldest lolcat
funny lolcat
This captioned cat picture postcard was found by Tracy Angulo in a Seattle antique store. Tracy tells us that the photograph is from 1905, which would make this officially the oldest cat picture with a caption, AKA lolcat, that we’ve seen.
Cat Parasite Affects Everything We Feel and Do - ABC News
Don't let the cats get to your head.
Kevin Lafferty is a smart, cautious, thoughtful scientist who doesn't hate cats, but he has put forth a provocative theory that suggests that a clever cat parasite may alter human cultures on a massive scale.
Research has shown that women who are infected with the parasite tend to be warm, outgoing and attentive to others, while infected men tend to be less intelligent and probably a bit boring. But both men and women who are infected are more prone to feeling guilty and insecure.
Circle the Cat ~ Grandma Faith's
a good one..not very difficut..but mind you not a cake walk as well :)
fun simple game
Thanks for this Kat - I was going to do some work today
Pet Health Library Veterinarian Approved Cats | Dogs | Horses| Fish | Rabbits | Reptiles| Ferrets| Exotics | Chinchillas| Symptoms| Causes | Diagnosis | Treatment | PetMD
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Cats 'exploit' humans by purring
Cat purrs train humans
I suspected this all along posted July 13 2009
The Catorialist
Based on the Sartorialist blog. Quite amusing.
Cute cat shots!
ioanghip - Tweeting Cat Door
Here is a funny story. My son, Vlad, (he's 11) always plays pranks on me... and one Saturday while I was sitting on the toilet reading the news on my handheld internet enabled computer (Nokia N810), I heard him saying to my wife "I saw a weird animal outside, around the cat door dad made!". Curious to see what he is talking about, I fired up VNC and connected to the laptop that handles the cat door and.... here is the picture I found...
17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat - The Oatmeal -
cat site
Great infographic - cats have some pretty awesome powers.
Turn gold into cats? lol I'd do this. X3
YouTube - Surprised Kitty
from allen. :)
YouTube - Roomba Driver
Roomba Driver
moderncat :: cat products, cat toys, cat furniture, and more…all with modern style » IKEA Hack from Stockholm
ikea hacker: Put a cat litter box at the entryway?
The first thing that comes to mind - "No way!" Kitty's poo-poo palace is not the best thing to greet you the moment you open the door and ... what about the smell? But as we see, hackers have found a way to cleverly disguise litter boxes. Here are two, that can make an entrance to any landing space.
Cats Do Control Humans, Study Finds - Yahoo! News
If you've ever wondered who's in control, you or your cat, a new study points to the obvious. It's your cat.
As if you needed convincing.
From Ann Brandon via Facebook.
No surprise there.
If you've ever wondered who's in control, you or your cat, a new study points to the obvious. It's your cat.
Imported from Cats Do Control Humans, Study Finds
Duh. - Cats Bitter Disappointment After Sneaking Up On Pigeon.
De-nied. Oh, well, time for a nap.
YouTube - kittens riding vacuum
Posted by Supybot
YouTube - kittens riding vacuum
I hate having to post these, but robots + kittens = hours of web entertainment.
How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You
e203281a661bc2444adc89f9ee027985.jpg (JPEG Image, 750x750 pixels)
Awww it is TOOO cute
"yeah thats not what I was looking for at all."
Laughing at: ""yeah thats not what I was looking for at all."" ( )
Hilarious email thread about missing cat poster
RT @Anniemole: Don't ask a designer who doesn't like cats to make a 'lost cat' poster I cried LOL'ing via @b3ta_links
Why never to ask favours from the designers
"Story goes : Shannon (the secretary) has lost her cat and has asked David (the graphic designer) to help with a lost poster. This is their email correspondence..."
Why never to ask favours from the designers
Clueless Secretary Prompts Hilarious Office Email Thread
No, seriously. Just read this in its entirety, from the top. Because if you haven't yet seen this brilliant exchange from David Thorne*, you need to. Right now.
haha :D lest das!