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Category Hacks for WordPress Theme Designers | Vandelay Website Design

Hacks de Categorias para WordPress.
In this post we’ll take a look at a number of things you can do with WordPress coding that involve categories in one way or another.
10 Most Wanted Category Hacks and Plugins for WordPress
In this article we will share the most wanted category hacks and plugins for WordPress which you can use in your themes. These snippets of codes are a lifesaver in many situations when it comes to modifying a theme.
Some useful stuff in here, especially about selecting and excluding categories.
Learning Haskell through Category Theory, and Adventuring in Category Land: Like Flatterland, Only About Categories « Benjamin L. Russell’s Adventures in Programming Language Theory Wonderland
, I hadn’t found an appropriate publication on category theory that addressed the subject at the proper pace,
Arrow, Structures and Functors
How To Create “Search By Category” Functionality In WordPress
Tutorial waarin uitgelegd wordt hoe je een zoekfunctie per categorie kunt integreren in WordPress powered websites
Para crear una busqueda por categorias en wordpress