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Screc Tech. Free Screen Recorder, Record Screen with highest compression ratio.

программа для создание скринкастов
Screen capture utility Screen2exe records video of your desktop and outputs an executable file that runs anywhere, free of codec requirements.
This screen recorder creates instant screen demos, tutorials and presentations with the highest compression ratio in the
Free Screen Capturer
Lifehacker - ScreenCastle Records Your Screencast without Software - Screencasts
If you need to create a simple screencast but don't want the hassle of installing and configuring software, ScreenCastle gets the job done from any Java-enabled web browser.
Lifehacker - Five Best Screen Capture Tools - Screen Captures
Screen Capture tools
Lifehacker - Five Best Screen Capture Tools - Screen Captures -
Five Best Screen Capture Tools
PrtScr about
good windows screenshot utility
無料のスクリーンキャスト録画ツール『BB FlashBack Express』が最強な件! - IDEA*IDEA ~ 百式管理人のライフハックブログ ~
Via.IDEA * IDEA なにげなく試してみたBB FlashBackなるツールがかなり良かったのでご紹介(ひょっとして定番?)。いわゆるスクリーンキャストのための録画ツールです。画面上の動作をキャプチャーして動画つくったり、とかですね。
TuxArena: 3 Ways to Record Your Linux Desktop
Aviary Screen Capture : Talon
Capture any webpage by adding to the beginning of the URL! Plus a Firefox add-on which does da same.
soort printscreen functie: maakt een kopie van een website
Screenjelly - Home
This service allows you to tweet screencasts.
Permite capturar lo que sucede en la pantalla.
Screenjelly records your screen activity with your voice so you can spread it as a video via Twitter or email. Use it to quickly share cool apps or software tips, report a bug, or just show stuff you like.
Aviary - Creation on the fly / blog / Capture any webpage: Just add in front of the URL!
You can capture any webpage at all, from any browser, by simply putting in front of the URL!
Grab a copy of the entire scrollable content of a web page (via Garry Martin)
Creation on the fly / blog / Capture any webpage: Just add in front of the URL!
Looking to grab a copy of the entire scroll-able content of a web page? Aviary, makers of a previously mentioned online image editing tool and Firefox extension, make it really simple: just add the site's URL after The speed with which Aviary's Flash-based editor pops open depends on their server load and the content of the site you're trying to paste over. But the full-length capture works, allows you to save to the desktop (through the "Export" function) and make basic edits like cropping and text and shape addition. Aviary's URL appending service is free to use, requires a free account to save images online and access certain advanced features.
Aviary has just launched it's easiest feature yet! You can capture any webpage at all, from any browser, by simply putting in front of the URL! For example, say you want to capture Google's homepage: Just change to Dead. Simple. After capturing the page, you can edit it, add simple markup to it and save it to your desktop (or host it online with a single click). It should work on almost any public page on the Internet, with any browser. It can even capture Flash!
Screen Capture Tools: 40+ Free Tools and Techniques | Tools
Screen Capture Tools: 40+ Free Tools and Techniques
Screen Capture Tools: 40 Free Tools and Techniques
Screen capture, or print screen is perhaps the most efficient way to share whatever appears on your desktop. They help tech users like us to share and communicate better with friends and peers. Major operating systems today comes with basic screen capture and print screen function, but if these can’t fulfill what you need from a screen capture then you are probably looking for a screen capturing tool. Screen capturing tools do what the basic tool don’t. What these tools could do varies, including the ability to include sketches and text, instantly upload image online, audio capturing, dimension-specific capturing and more. Make your screen capture and sharing experience more interesting, here’s a showcase of 40+ Free Screen Capturing Tools and Related Techniques. Full list after jump.
Lifehacker - TubeMaster++ Update Makes Grabbing Videos and Music Easier - Streaming Video
can save files, play them back right in TubeMaster++ and convert them. What formats can you convert into? A better question would be what form
Five Best Screencasting Tools - Screencast - Lifehacker
Thanks to broadband and some excellent screencasting applications, you don't need to limit yourself to mere static images when you're trying to show someone how to do something on your computer. Record video, audio, and do even more with these screencasting tools.
スクリーンショットを印刷してもクオリティを落とさないようにする方法 | コリス
Macでもできるよね? やるときはSBMコメント読んでからやろう もっと良い方法があるらしいから...
ウノウラボ Unoh Labs: Macでのスクリーンショットの撮り方まとめ
taking screen shots in osx
Memonic is a relatively new tool for curating collections of information from the web. Memonic's key function is to give users the power to clip sections of websites and build them into a personal collection. Along with the clipping of information, users can add commentary to each item they place into their personal accounts. From Free Technology for Teachers
a free web-based tool that seeks to help you clip out just what you need from your web-based research and organize it in a personally meaningful and helpful way. Memonic allows you to move away from the model of bookmarking sites that contain data you want and instead of snipping that data out of the page and saving it to your Memonic account. If you're doing research on a vacation for instance, you wouldn't bookmark every page you found with interesting content about that vacation. You would use Memonic to clip out the bits that were of interest to you—a specific restaurant review from a restaurant critic page, a landmark you found on the visitor's bureau site you want to visit, some photos of local street performers you'd like to keep an eye out for, and so on. All the things you clip end up in your Memonic inbox, seen below:
a free, web based tool for collecting, organizing, storing and sharing information. Similar to Evernote. Bookmarklet will capture whole webpages.
10 logiciels gratuits de capture d'écran vidéo | Presse-Citron
誰でも簡単に大量のスクリーンショットの撮影と保存ができるフリーソフト「Lightscreen」 - GIGAZINE
Top 13 Screen Recorders to Record Your Screen Activities
para grabar la actividad de tu pantalla ... hacer un videotutorial
Capture full page - Screenshot Full web page - Capture full web page
Capture Full Page   Take Screenshot on the Fly
Take Screenshot on the Fly
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