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Siri: A Powerful Virtual Assistant For The iPhone

"A new paradigm for using the Internet is about to begin: Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are coming to a mobile device near you. This week, a stealth startup will demonstrate the first public version of their mobile virtual assistant, Siri. This may mark the beginning of the era of consumer-grade virtual assistants on the Web. Siri is focused on mobile devices – particularly the iPhone and other smart phones, it has an unusually productive interface and user experience, and it is super useful – it is something I would really use every day. As a result I would not be surprised if Siri becomes one of the top iPhone applications within a few months after their launch. (Disclosure: In the past, I worked on the DARPA-funded CALO project from which Siri sprung)."
not Web 2.0 but emerging tech
Typical use cases are booking dinner reservations, buying movie tickets, getting local information, or finding things to do in your local area.
First Look at Siri, the Product Siri is a virtual assistant that is focused on helping consumers complete tasks in their online lives, particularly in the mobile context. The version I looked at runs on the iPhone.