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How to Build a Kick-Ass MAME Arcade Cabinet from an Old PC | Maximum PC
If you were born in the 70s or 80s, chances are good that a big part of your childhood was spent wasting quarters at the local arcade, or in front of the Pac-Man machine at your local pizza place. Sure, games have become a lot more complex since then, but the old titles had a lot of charm, and in some cases a level of skill and patience-rewarding challenge that hasn’t been matched since. Sadly, the arcade is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Now that PCs and game consoles have become so powerful, the only way for arcades to compete has been to offer games with enormous, complicated controls, which end up costing a dollar or more per play. And besides, that’s only if you happen to live next to one of the very few remaining full-sized arcades. For most people, the closest thing they’ve got to an arcade is the worn-out Initial D machine at their local multiplex.
XArcade that make great pre-made units at reasonable prices. Save yourself a lot of aggravation :) Side and front machine 'Marquees' and overlays make your machine look great, check out Buy a 'frontloader' application that will handle all emulator switching and controls. For $25 I picked up a copy of Maximus Arcade at and it looks and works awesome. You can switch seamlessly through forty or fifty emulators like Mame, Daphne (Laser Disc Games), Stella (Atari 2600), etc. Pick up a "Smart" power strip. These strips have one outlet that will automatically turn on the power to all the other outlets if the device in the original socket turns on is the best online resource for PC Features. Visit Maximum PC and read about How to Build a Kick-Ass MAME Arcade Cabinet from an Old PC.