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11 Business Plans For Twitter

Intressant om affärsmodeller i gratisekonomin.
Howard’s Startup Game » Why is Economic Recession Good for Startups
The Failing Point – …Write A Long Business Plan
Under no circumstances should you...Write A Long Business Plan
# Who are you? # What is the problem you are going to solve? # What is your solution? # Why will the market accept your solution? # What does the competition look like? # Who are your customers? # What are the details of your product? # How will you acquire customers? # What is your best approximation for the financials of the business? # What are the risks/challenges? # What’s the timeline? # Bonus: What’s The Exit Plan?
While business plans are important, writing a long one isn't such a good idea. It makes sense really, especially for new businesses there is so much uncertainty that big complex models of revenue and cost projections can be nothing but farcical.
5 Essential Things to Do When Deciding On Your Business Idea
50 Free Sources for Business Plans, Templates and Models
very good site
50 Free Sources for Business Plans, Templates and Models
A Beginner’s Guide to the Business Side of Freelancing
Good summary of tasks every freelancer should take care of
Seth's Blog: The modern business plan
This is the heart of the modern business plan. The only reason to launch a project is to change something, and I want to know what you're going to do and what impact it's going to have.
Seth makes a great case for a better, straight-forward business plan
divide the modern business plan into five sections: Truth Assertions Alternatives People Money
Business plan in bare essentials