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"Are you gagging to monetize the wisdom of the crowd with your sticky strategy? I bet you are, you saucy minx. So next time you’re networking with your social media strategist pals or attending a hot Enterprise 2.0 conference, take along a Social Marketing Bullshit Bingo card. If you get a bingo, you know you’re among thought leaders who really know how to strategize in the attention economy."
Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts
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the "IE8: Get the facts" link is damn funny. Comments and tags for this link on delicious is just as entertaining.
Internal Memos: 'Breathtaking' Document Reveals Pepsi's Logo is Pinnacle of Entire Universe
"Last year Pepsi spent several hundred million dollars on a new logo. Everyone figured they had just ripped off the Obama logo. But now an internal document from the branding company has surfaced: Breathtaking bullshit."
6 Bullshit Facts About Psychology That Everyone Believes |
Psychology is one of those subjects that everybody likes to think they know something about. We love to go around diagnosing our friends and co-workers, both to make sense of the world and to make ourselves feel like we're smarter than they are. But like any science that makes its way into the pop culture, a lot of the "common sense" statements we hear every day are so wrong that they border on raving idiocy. Such as...