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jQuery Function Builder - a quick jQuery syntax function generator | Developer Tools | Accessify

Really useful tool for building jquery functions :)
Free Website Builder - Moonfruit - Beautiful websites, simply
45 Web Builders to Create an Insanely Awesome Free Website | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutorials
Joomla Template Builder
Permite crear plantillas de joomla - herramienta en linea
10 iptables rules to help secure your Linux box | 10 Things |
allow you to actually work normally on your desktop. All network traffic going out of your machine will be allowed out, but all TCP/IP traffic coming into your m
Mastering iptables could take a while, but if you have a few rules to cover the basic security needs, you’ll be well on your way to protecting your Linux system. Jack Wallen explains some key rules to get you started.
Design a Facebook page for Free!
Pagemodo, design a tab, design a welcome page, facebook
Facebook - to help set up Facebook pages.
Design a Welcome page for Facebook so people see this page before they see your wall, etc.
Create IVR applications in minutes :: QuickFuse
IVR for incoming and outgoing calls.
Drag and drop voice apps. Why write pages of code when you can drag and drop your way to a full featured IVR application? Design and build your application naturally and intuitively with QuickFuse. You'll have a working prototype in minutes. Need to greet the caller? Drop in a simple prompt. Need to get an ID number? Drop in a digits input. Then connect it all together. It's fast and easy.
It basically takes the web mashup power of Yahoo Pipes and applies it to telephone calls. It makes building voice applications easy: you ydrag modules to the canvas, wire nodes to receptors, and then click Run to try out what you've built. You can share apps with other users, search from a library of templates, and deploy apps to phone numbers from a complete management interface. The Simple Database panel allows you to upload and download tables of data that your apps can access and modify. With Quickfuse you can build virtual receptionist, notification systems, order-taking hotlines, automated surveys, account management, timecard systems.