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fecklessmind - Defensive coding and CSS: Preventing the most common bugs

Defensive coding is about preventing these bugs before they happen. If you don’t prevent them, they will be like an avalanche — there will be a lot of them interacting with each other, making it difficult to figure out what’s what.
Monty says: Oops, we did it again (MySQL 5.1 released as GA with crashing bugs)
Andrew is the original developer of MySQL & has recently left Sun.
The reason I am asking you to be very cautious about MySQL 5.1 is that there are still many known and unknown fatal bugs in the new features that are still not addressed.
how to make ie6 behave - work blog -
9 Free And Open Source Bug Tracking Softwares
A web application or a software development process always has bugs which is very normal in a hundreds of lines of code. The important part is tracking & fixing them. Whether you are a one-person-army or have teammates, it is a big time-saver to use a bug tracking software. Besides having the bugs listed in a comprehensive way, most bug/issue tracking applications let end-users to submit bug-feature requests that will end up in a better product. Here are 9 free & open source bug tracking softwares, both desktop & web-based, for a better development process:
How to Make Natural Outdoor Fly Repellent with Essential Oils - wikiHow
Tired of fly sprays and the unwanted chemicals they contain? There is a very easy solution to keeping flies away from the outdoor dining area and you can do it yourself.
Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix 25+ Internet Explorer 6 Bugs
I've scoured the web for resources and also included some of my own fixes for IE6 and now I've put it all together in this cheetsheet/reference manual as a resource for anyone who has to deal with Internet Explorer 6.
This is the IE6 resource you've been hoping for. Learn pre-emptive best practices and find fixes for over 25 Internet Explorer 6 bugs.
10 Awful IE Bugs and Fixes | Queness
9 Most Common IE Bugs and How to Fix Them - Nettuts+
Most Common IE Bugs and How to Fix Them
drplokta: Imminent Death of the Net Predicted
"Some more Googling eventually found RFC3484, which relates to DNS resolution in IPV6, but part of which is back-ported to IPV4. Vista is apparently the first major client OS to implement it, specifically section 6 rule 9. That specifies that the selection of an address from multiple A records is no longer random, but instead the destination address which shares the most prefix bits with the source address is selected, presumably on the basis that it's in some sense "closer" in the network. / Now, this may well make sense in IPV6 (I don't know enough about it to comment), but it's an insane algorithm to use in IPV4. First, the Internet is not laid out that way. As any comic artist can tell you, Europe does have a nice block from to, but it also has chunks from 193-195 and 212-213, plus there's lots of geographically random stuff between 128 and 172. / But second, and more important, very few Windows client PCs actually have public IP addresses"
Braindamage in Vista DNS resolver. Microsoft breaks the internet again, by implementing RFC of its own creation.
Get Rid Of Wasps: Traps & Tips :
An inexpensive way to make a wasp trap.
If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp, you know they live up to their reputation of being aggressive and having painful stings. When you regularly spot wasps in your yard, chances are there’s a wasp’s nest on your property or nearby. These are not pests that you want hanging about, especially if you have children running around. The best way to get rid of wasps is to find the nest and destroy it, but if you can’t find it or if it’s not on your property, you can use wasp traps to tempt them away from high-traffic areas to another part of the yard to kill them.
A great (and simple) wasp (and fruit fly) trap.
10 Common CSS Browser Compatibility Issues/Bugs You Must Know | TutorialFeed
It's another IE bug caused by placing a list with a background set within a floated <div> that has been relatively positioned. Problem and solutions discussed here.
IE hacks, fixes for css
In today's scenario browser bugs with CSS can be an incredible source of frustration for Web designers and developers. In this post I'm sharing some most common CSS browser compatibility Issues/Bugs. Here's the following list:
10 Common CSS Browser Compatibility Issues/Bugs You Must Know
Laurence Tratt: How can C Programs be so Reliable?
How can C Programs be so Reliable?
James Hopkins » IE8 Bugs
James Hopkins’ compiled list of IE8 bugs and test cases. This should be something which Microsoft itself keeps public track on.
Fix It Fast: Rapid IE6 CSS Debugging | Viget Inspire
IE6 CSS Debugging
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CSS Bugs and Inconsistencies in Firefox 3.x | Webdesigner Depot
There aren't many articles covering incompatibilities, or CSS differences in Firefox alone — and for good reason. Firefox has always done an excellent
Good article on Firefox CSS bugs
Worst. Bug. Ever. | Ed Burnette’s Dev Connection |
(This is old, just saving it for later.)
execute *every* SMS as root... so handy
"when the phone booted it started up a command shell as root and sent every keystroke you ever typed on the keyboard from then on to that shell."
Content Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
interesting gphone bug
Don't tell me they thought of that as being a feature...
Interesting hack around the secrecy surrounding Apple's bug tracking system. Allows developers to log bugs publicly where other developers can see them, vote them up etc, yet still interact with Radar as needed.
Community bug reports on OS X and iPhone
A while back, I was hoping someone would create a quasi bug report system for closed proprietary products, and have input from the external community to centralize all issues. I've found it.
Tracks bugs reported to Apple by the development community in an open fashion.
An open version of Apple's bug tracking system.
Garden Pest Detective from Gardener's Supply
a free and simple to use web service that contains detailed information on pests and diseases that can infect plants in your garden.
gardening pests howto
Garden Pest Detective from Gardener's Supply
a free and simple to use web service that contains detailed information on pests and diseases that can infect plants in your garden.
gardening pests howto