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Linux and NetBSD Xen VPS hosting. Xen VPS hosting: Low cost virtual dedicated servers since 2005. Hosting for the technically adept. Linux and NetBSD supported
$8/month for 256mb; $20/month for 1024mb.
Very cheap VS hosting (Xen)
Why I (A/L)GPL
. I want people to appreciate the work I’ve done and the value of what I’ve made. Not pass on by waving “sucker” as they drive their fancy cars
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However, I’d like to explain why I use the GPL after decades of writing open source software and after a couple of “successful” projects. These are my reasons for using it, and only apply to me and what I want to do with my software from now on. You are free to your own opinions and choices, and I hope you’ll respect mine.
"I love open source, but companies? Companies are going to have to pay from now on. That’s how economics works. If it’s good enough for you to use, why then it’s good enough for you to pay for it."
lsコマンドをハックしてみよう (Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog)
lsコマンドのソースをいじくっていろいろ。 初歩的だけど確かに普段使ってるコマンドをいじくらせるのは面白いなぁ。