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brown_betty: Fic: Mount Badon

Arther and Merlin years later from an outside perspective
"Yes, I do it to aggravate you," says Arthur
Future fic. Arthur in battle,from the POV of a foreign king
He looks up, and flashes a smile past Coveros, at Vedica. "That was you with the stasis spell, right? That was tremendously clever, I wish I could figure out how you did it." Vedica freezes, and a moment later, as he realizes who this servant must be, so does Coveros. Vedica stutters, after a moment, "It's-- it's a slowing of certain, um, biological-- for difficult pregnancies, you see, sometimes, to stop her from bearing early, it's--" and he's heard her explain this dozens of times already, so he knows she's just clamped her mouth shut on "very useful in lambing time."
Arthur, his knights and Merlin ride to the aid of the Celtic king and his battle weary warriors.
Third person POV of Arthur's rescue of a gaelic tribe. Beautiful incorporation of an outsider's POV to the great king Arthur is and his relationship with Merlin.
"Yes, I do it to aggravate you," says Arthur ~ An outsider observes Merlin and the King.
I LOVE this fic.