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How To Breathe When Running | Complete Running Network

Thought you might find this useful for cross country or PE.
With two videos. Don't forget: deep breaths are good, not only when running.
Use a 3:2 Inhale-Exhale Ratio for Improved Runs - Exercise - Lifehacker
The right equipment, training, and running route isn't always enough to ensure a good run, especially if your breathing is all over the map. To help stabilize yours, try incorporating a set inhale-exhale ratio. Photo by aarmono. The aptly named Complete Running Network details how to breathe properly when running. Included in their list of seven tips is the importance of establishing the right inhale/exhale ratio. Specifically, they suggest that runners should take three footsteps for every inhale and two footsteps for every exhale, which puts them at a 3:2 ratio. This means you INHALE on the LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT foot strikes and EXHALE fully on the RIGHT, LEFT foot strikes. This pattern is not that hard to turn into a habit, but it may require you to slow your pace down for a few runs to master the technique. You will notice a lower heart rate as you are able to get more oxygen in and more importantly push all the carbon dioxide out of your body. You may notice that you naturally