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boweryd: Pull Your Tangles Out, Spencer/Brendon, NC-17

If this is like a thing you two do.
8,800 words. WOW. Spencer exercises his control over Brendon. Seriously, wow. Excruciatingly hot, despite the crap title. Unlocked a kink I didn't know I had.
In retrospect maybe it was a little weird, but in all fairness, Spencer really, really didn't notice anything until Jon pointed it out. It was just something he’d always done; hell, it was useful most of the time, being able to rein Brendon in with just a look, or a certain tone of voice, or if all else failed a, “Shut the fuck up, seriously.”
Possibly my favourite ever.
If this is like a thing you two do
f this is like a thing you two do.
really nicely done spencer/brendon d/s, feat. orgasm denial!
Jon says into the silence. “If this is like a 'thing' you two do, that’s fine, but just. Sometimes, it’s a little weird. That’s all.”
boweryd: Live Our Misbehavior, Spencer/Brendon, NC-17
The thing is, and Spencer will fucking swear to this should anyone ever ask, the first time it happened it was a total accident. It wasn’t his fault for coming any more than it was Brendon’s fault for having that fucking mouth, but the fact remained that one day, about two weeks ago, Brendon had been a fucking tease and Spencer had maybe, accidentally, come all over his face. Things had gotten a little weird after that. He just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Like a compulsion or something. Hello, Brendon, how are you today? I’d like to come on your face. Hey, Brendon, can you pass the ketchup? Can I come on your face? Brendon, you can’t pull off facial hair, you need to shave. And when you’re done, I’m going to come on your face. It was getting a little distracting.
“Do you think I’m a slut,” Brendon says, “Because you’ve been acting kind of really weird since you came on my face.”
Brendon’s eyes are huge and glassy, all pupil, his mouth bitten red, and he’s panting a little, hot and open, the muscles in his neck and shoulders strained from where he’s reaching down to wrap around Spencer. “Brendon. . .” “Ask for it.” Brendon’s never, ever been this way, never asked anything of Spencer, never been this wild-eyed and rough, and Spencer has to close eyes against it for a second, take a breath. “Let me,” he says, stuttered and slurred at the same time. “Please, let me do it, let me come on your face.” The last part comes out kind of embarrassingly high and he keeps his eyes squeezed shut, but then Brendon’s hands are on his hips, tugging up and over, getting Spencer on his knees above Brendon’s chest. The bunk is way, way too low for this and he has to bend over almost in half, but he ignores the twinge in his back as soon as Brendon’s lips wrap around his cock and shit.
“Do you think I’m a slut,” Brendon says, “Because you’ve been acting kind of really weird since you came on my face.” -- FACIALS AHOY! ...heh.
boweryd: Most Exhausting Girl I Ever Knew, Ryan/Girl!Spencer, NC-17
"Stop being so stupid and stubborn already and take your pants off."
"You're such a romantic," Spencer says, wiggling under him. "How did I ever get so lucky?" "Spence," he says, suddenly serious. "Look. I want to. I want *you*. You know that, right?" She nods, biting her bottom lip and looking up at him a little hesitantly. "Now are you going to stop being mean to me and let me get you off?" He smirks at her, can't help it, and flinches away from the smack she throws at his arm. "Fine," she says, "but if this goes terribly wrong I'm going to say I told you so."
"I swear to god, Ross, I will break your scrawny ass directly in half."
I'll even read het as long as it's bandom genderswap THEY ARE THE SWAPS OF MY HEART
"If I tell you look beautiful right now, are you going to call me a dick?"
Awkwardly teenaged Girl!Spencer and way-too-smooth Ryan.