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Infiltrating a Botnet - Cisco Systems

Artikel über einen Botnet Master, Der via MSN von einem Cisco Experten Interviewt wurde. Bsonders interessant sind die Motive, warum Er keinen "normalen" Job annimmt.
GR: Infiltrating a Botnet - Cisco Systems [from]
Technical, but interesting read.
Is Your PC Part of a Botnet? - ReadWriteWeb
Being part of a botnet is no fun. Your computer becomes your worst enemy, watching everything you do, collecting all of your secrets, and then delivering all that data to the bot-herder; the person who originated the network. But what does it really mean to be part of a botnet, and is there anything that can you do about it?
good information about determining if your pc is infected with malware
Researchers hijack botnet, score 56,000 passwords in an hour - Ars Technica
410 financial institutions
Researchers hijack botnet, score 56,000 passwords in an hour - Ars Technica [from]
“The Torpig botnet was hijacked by the good guys for ten days earlier this year before its controllers issued an update and took the botnet back. During that time, however, researchers were able to gain a glimpse into the kind of information the botnet gathers as well as the behavior of Internet users who are prone to malware infections. ” – via nelson
DroneBL Blog: Network Bluepill - stealth router-based botnet has been DDoSing dronebl for the last couple of weeks
@AlohaArleen Could it be the current worm? [from]
You are only vulnerable if: * Your device is a mipsel (MIPS running in little-endian mode, this is what the worm is compiled for) device. * Your device also has telnet, SSH or web-based interfaces available to the WAN, and * Your username and password combinations are weak, OR the daemons that your firmware uses are exploitable. As such, 90% of the routers and modems participating in this botnet are participating due to user-error (the user themselves or otherwise). Unfortunately, it seems that some of the people covering this botnet do not understand this point, and it is making us look like a bunch of idiots.