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Has a manifesto on how to build a platform for a best-selling book
<p>This online book marketing manifesto is being offered to you as a vehicle to:</p><p>Open your eyes to the massive change that’s happening in the world of book marketing<br />Bust a lot of myths, expose scams and stop you from throwing thousands of dollars away<br />Help you understand how to get the biggest advance possible or self-publish and [...]</p>
mostly applicable to domain specific tech books but interesting to think how this would apply to fiction and non-fiction authorsaik
<p>It’s an amazing dream…<br />You wake up at 2:00am with an idea. A story, a vision for a book. You’ve been writing, journaling, maybe even blogging for years. Pen to paper, fingers to keys…it’s in your blood. You’re genetically compelled to craft literary magic. But, now. Oh now. You’ve finally got the big idea!<br />The one that’s [...]</p>