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Sqworl is this thing that you can use to turn a bunch of long dumb website links into one single smaller link with pretty web previews.
Twitlet - It's the fastest and simplest way to Twitter!
Twitlet is a javascript bookmarklet for fast updating your Twitter (microblogging service) status.
Now there is an easier way of posting webpages with Twitlet. Simply use words #link or #this to include current page’s URL in your tweet.
Gyors posztolás Twitterre a böngészőből.
Xmarks | Bookmark-Powered Web Discovery
Bookmark-Powered Web Discovery
icoeye’s blog » Blog Archive » Save bookmark
So simple and so effective. 'Save' icon bookmark to print out and cut out :)
Save Bookmark (template to print) - the web highlighter
ok shiftspace is too much and is confusing to use. so markkit, i give you a try
markkit is a web2.0 text highlighter. Drag'n'Drop the markkit yellow pen into your browser toolbar. Whenever you want to highlight text in a web page, click on the markkit bookmarklet.
Bookmarklet Directory -
Find and review bookmarklets at
Smub: Shorten, Personalize, Bookmark, Share URLs on Any Browser.
Smub: Post, Share and Bookmark instantly from your mobile...
Speedtile - your bookmarks!
Introducing a new way to ease your browsing experience, take a couple of minutes to discover why you need Speedtile. currently tiling... Think about your favourite websites and all the backroads you use just to access them. Wouldn't it be an advantage if your homepage has them all categorized just the way you like it? Speedtile keeps track of your favourite websites. Save and organize your bookmarks in a clear and visual environment, always up to date with daily snapshots. And there is more too! Sort your personal tiles by most frequently used, recently visited or just drag and drop them as you see fit! Use tabs to categorize or tags to organize your bookmarks. Or take it just another step further by enabling sharing, so you can share your favourite websites with your friends. Speed up and revalue your everyday surfing experience with this easy to use tool. No matter where you are, what type of computer you are using… Speedtile redefines the 'home' in your homepage. By the way, di bookmarks yourbookmarks
Mozilla Re-Mix: オンラインでスピードダイヤルライクな機能を利用できるFirefoxアドオン「Speedtile」
Pinboard - antisocial bookmarking
web bookmarks
To replace
like Delicious
まとめ 人気
Social Bookmarking Menu - Revisited | Eight7Teen
icone interessant (et plugin WordPress) pour le futur theme
A good looking XHTML-CSS social bookmarking menu that can be used for promoting the content. The menu (created from an unordered list) simply hides a portion of the social bookmaring icons & displays them when hovered.
Quick Tour of Chrome Add-On on Delicious
様々なブックマークをミックス! - チャートマニアックス
様々なブックマークをミックス! -