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25 Great Blogger Widgets

Here are 25 Blogger widgets to create an even more powerful way of communicating with your visitors.
Startup Game » Practical Tips for Google SEO
Howard’s Startup Game » Why is Economic Recession Good for Startups - Home
Search the conversations of the Web
Search with an emphasis on Ning, Blogger, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, Tumblr, Twine, and Diigo. If you want us to add a service or have any other ideas, please email
40 Free Beautiful Blogger Templates, Part III | Graphics
Making Money from Blogs In The First 6 Months — Just Make Money Online
15 Incredible Wordpress Plugins You Need
I regularly receive questions about the plugins that I use on the Wordpress installation here at Site Sketch 101.
How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress Without Losing Google Traffic - Step by Step Guide
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Tutorial on how to migrate from Blogger to Wordpress.
50 Surprisingly Amazing Themes for Blogger : Speckyboy Design Magazine
viruses on some demos BE CAREFUL
25 things I wish I’d known when I started blogging
should have / will follow some of these tips
This post summarises what I feel Ive learned in those years and how you can apply the things Ive learned to your own site and strategy to succeed.
Blogging tips
20 Websites That Will Make You A Better Blogger | Make Money Online
Everyone has to constantly educate themselves to keep ahead of the game and to improve their business, because of this I decided to share with you the 20 resources I use to learn, improve and get inspired. There are 1000’s of blogs that talk about blogging and internet entrepreneurship but to be honest, a lot are doing it completely wrong and quite a lot are teaching out of date information that will only slow down your chances of becoming a top blogger.
Top Digital Trends For 2010
Where we once had pop-psychologists and pop-philosophers, we now appear to have pop-statisticians and pop-economists.
Move From Blogger to WordPress Without Losing Google Rank - Blogger - Lifehacker
Lifehacker article
tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog: Eight Lessons Learned as a Brand on Twitter
tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog: Eight Lessons Learned as a Brand on Twitter
@geekygirldawn came across this article, 8 Lessons Learned as a Brand on Twitter, thought it'd be of interest 2 u [from]
Article describing how a brand has used Twitter for business.
Back in January, we set up the official Blogger account on Twitter. We had a general idea of what we hoped to accomplish - better interaction with passionate users, quick communication of known issues, bug fixes, etc. - but this was not a long planned deliberate move by us. If anything, it was a bit of an experiment.
akes monitoring Twitter much easier. This was a particularly acute problem for Blogger, since "blogger" is a pretty generic term. Setting up a persistent query for "blogger" yielded far too many hits per minute to be worthwhile... weeding through all of them to find the few that were specifically about big-B
50+ Most Wanted Blogger Templates | Graphics
PR Squared: Blogger Relations (and Social Media Release!) Case Study
Annotated link
We created unique angles and pitches for each and every blogger, helping them to see how and why their specific reader community would use slydial. RESULTS: In one month of blogger relations outreach, MobileSphere’s slydial service was covered in 381 blog posts. These results were the direct result of SHIFT’s blogger relations outreach, combined with the viral effect of the initial, high-profile posts.
Top 9 Best Free Web Hosting For Wordpress
9 locais para hospedagem wordpress
Como crear un blog con Blogger
#ayuda_internet es un canal de ayuda en todos los temas referidos a internet como IRC, videoconferencia, linux, scripts, creación de paginas web, Proxy y Redes, adsl, mp3, etc
otro tutorial
Explica muy bien cómo crear y configurar un blog con blogger.
Tutorial que enseña a crear blogs con la herramienta gratuita de google Blogger.
How to Write Quality Posts When You Have a Day Job | Write to Done
21+ Most Attractive Free Blogger Templates
Sure, why not? i can post to blogger with googlecl..