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10 Blog Designs with Innovative Layouts | Web Design Ledger

It seems that the majority of blogs all follow a standard layout: a long list of posts on the left and a sidebar on the right containing such things as recent
10 Blog Designs with Innovative Layouts
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16 Inspiring Typography Based Blog Designs | Design Reviver
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40 Inspiring Blog Designs | Vandelay Design Blog
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10 Important Traits of a Great Blog Design
Your blog’s design can be the distinguishing factor that separates you from the vast sea of other weblogs out there. First impressions count and making sure that you have all the elements of a great blog design can ensure that readers will enjoy the content that you present. In this article, you will read about the ten essential characteristics of a solid weblog design.
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9 Things You Can’t Forget When Designing a Blog | Tutorial9
Great reminders when Designing a blog!
Designing a blog can be quite a daunting task, to be sure. To-do lists alone for could fill pages if you were to include all the minor details that accompany the project. Which is why most designers shy away from logging that in-depth of a laundry list of items, indispensable and not so much, to get done by the launch date of the blog. Which is also why some of these little things that would make the latter pages of the list, more often than not, get overlooked. Never fear, that is why we are here!
Do you ever forget to do one of these things when building a new website? These are 9 pretty essential things to keep in mind when building a new blog or site!
Tips for Designing Unique and Attractive Blog Posts
Designers have began to inject increasing levels of creativity into their blog posts and articles, throwing out the traditional and generic style of blog posts in favour of a much more attractive layout that’s themed specifically to the content. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples, and see what makes them work so well. In his fantastic article ‘The Death of the Boring Blog Post‘, Paddy Donnelly sums up this method of fusing together a blog post with the style and design of a traditional magazine article and coins the name, ‘Blogazine’. Be sure to check it out for a great introduction, and to hear from some of the pioneers of this style of blogging.
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