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Tales of the Rampant Coyote: The Black Triangle

In October of 1994, I’d just started as an honest-to-goodness videogame programmer at a small startup called SingleTrac – which later went on to fame and glory (but unfortunately not much in the way of fortune) with such titles as Warhawk, the Twisted Metal series, and the Jet Moto series. But at the time, the company was less than 20 employees in size and had only been officially in business for about a month. It was sometime in my first week – possibly my first or second day. In the main engineering room, there was a whoop and cry of success. Our company financial controller and acting HR lady, Jen, came in to see what incredible things the engineers and artists had come up with. Everyone was staring at a television set hooked up to a development box for the Sony Playstation. There, on the screen, against a single-color background, was a black triangle.
"We came to refer to certain types of accomplishments as 'black triangles.' These are important accomplishments that take a lot of effort to achieve, but upon completion you don’t have much to show for it."
Sometimes the big victories look pedestrian at first glance.
A great term for those things that take so much effort for seemingly little output.
Black Triangles. They're not just for programmers. (via merlin, via kottke)
sometimes I feel like I'm still trying to get that black triangle to show up...