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Don't Judge My Hair: Epic Hairstyles

hair failure
6 Random Coincidences That Created The Modern World |
The stuff they say about time travel is right. You go back in time and change one little thing, and suddenly the future is full of Nazis and dinosaurs. If you go back through history, you find that time and time again the huge changes that shape our world today all hinged on some utterly random coincidence. Change it, and the entire course of history changes with it.
Discovery News: Born Animal: See A Fish With A Transparent Head
Peixe bizarro, transparente
vintagephoto: Vintage pics selection Interesting, odd, and scary vintage photographs. [from]
Michael Malloy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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You Can't Kill Michael Malloy
A man who was very hard to kill.
I had to come back with a good one
Surrealistic paintings by Tetsuya Ishida ::: Pink Tentacle
Tetsuya Ishida
Awkward Stock Photos
Tumblr of the dday: (h/t @imjared)
Can't believe no one did this sooner. /RT @graphicsgirl #awkward
Awkward Stock Photos
Where awkward stock photos finally have a purpose
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Som navnet antyder... Til gengæld er man sikkert de eneste, der bruger billederne, hvis man vælger dem!
Ten Recycled Shipping Container Buildings
Ten Recycled Shipping Container Buildings – Delicious Popular (twittilicious)
i think its like getting better