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John Resig - Easy Retweet Button

Ever since I saw the JavaScript API I've been wanting to build a simple script for tracking the number of people visiting a blog post from Twitter. This past weekend I built a little script for doing just that - and in a completely unobtrusive manner. The script itself is completely standalone (no dependencies) and can be included in any page relatively painlessly. Additionally, since it's just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it's completely themeable and customizable to the style of your site.
What the world is watching now
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단축URL서비스로 가장 많이 퍼진 동영상을 보여주는 싸이트 지금, 어제, 이틀간
Twitter Crowns As The King of Short Links; Here's What It Means - ReadWriteWeb
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A little startup called has unseated TinyURL as the default link shortening service on Twitter. This isn't just about shortening links, though. "The truth about," enterprise software analyst James Governor said today, "is that it's not a URL shortener, it's a trend management and metrics platform." The key idea behind the Web is that pages are connected through hypertext links. Google changed the world and made money beyond anyone's wildest dreams by analyzing those connections between pages. It was a simple proposition, at its core: the more a page is linked to, the more authoritative it is. The web isn't just pages anymore, though. Now the web also includes people as a fundamental factor to take into consideration.
important point: google analyses where links points, analyses what links get shared where - twitter is another linking/pointing technology driven by people
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