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Bill Simmons: A back-and-forth with best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell - ESPN

Great way to lose an hour - a must-read dialog between sports columnist Bill Simmons and author Malcolm Gladwell. [from]
This will suck about 30 minutes from your life. As Truman Capote once said about Jack Kerouac, "That's not writing, it's typing."
Simmons Meets Gladwell Part II
Malcolm Gladwell talking about Nick Faldo. "Faldo in his prime was terrifying. He was surly and tough and charismatic and emotionally and psychologically bulletproof, and I feel like he'd do a better job of getting under Tiger's skin than anyone out there right now. What's the defining fact about Faldo? His ex-girlfriend once destroyed his Porsche with a 9-iron. The corresponding fact for Woods is that his favorite band is Hootie and the Blowfish. Hootie and the Blowfish? What's Faldo's favorite band? Joy Division? Or some kind of obscure Welsh thrash band too hard core for American radio?"