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The story BCG offered me $16,000 not to tell - The Tech

Behind-the-scenes story about uselessness of consulting companies. But forgets to expose their value. Example: My friend who consulted for a multi-billion company...if it cost $10m and they got 1 bit of insight, it'd be totally worth it
What I could not get my head around was having to force-fit analysis to a conclusion. In one case, the question I was tasked with solving had a clear and unambiguous answer: By my estimate, the client’s plan of action had a net present discounted value of negative one billion dollars. Even after accounting for some degree of error in my reckoning, I could still be sure that theirs was a losing proposition. But the client did not want analysis that contradicted their own, and my manager told me plainly that it was not our place to question what the client wanted.