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Lifehacker - Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips, And Tricks - Batteries

Lifehacker - Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips, And Tricks - Batteries
The gadgets you love don't always love you back—at least when it comes to battery life. But you can get more from your laptop, your iPod, your phone, and other devices with these 10 techniques. Photo by conskeptical. 10. Turn C batteries into Ds with quarters Only a few things ever need D batteries, but who has them handy when you need those things? If you've got some slightly more handy C batteries around, you only need a few quarters to turn them into makeshift Ds. You won't get the same longevity, and you'll have to part with up to $1.50 for a bit, but it works, and it might just turn you into the family hero when you rescue that seemingly useless big-lens flashlight. 9. Keep your iPod "held" and updated If you haven't hit the "Update" button since you got your iPod, old or new, fire up iTunes and do so—the newest firmware, in many cases, can boost your battery life. Once you've done that, run through Playlist Magazine's battery saving tips, which include keeping backlighting, th
New battery could change world, one house at a time
An Exhaustive Guide to Saving Your Smartphone's Battery - Battery - Lifehacker
Battery improvements are one of nokia's focus points, going from 100-110 on my old e71 netted me about 3hrs of battery life. I was a HEAVY user. HSDPA push running all day. Had to recharge at 11pm every night until that update.
Modern phones come loaded with bright screens, fun games and apps, and connections for 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Not coincidentally, they're constantly out of juice. Here's some of the best collected wisdom about saving your web-connected phone's battery life.
Five recycling mysteries solved! | Yahoo! Green
But, with a little advance planning and some good info, you'll see that it's really quite simple to dispose of these seemingly mysterious items.
Five recycling mysteries solved! | Yahoo! Green
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Why Rechargeable Batteries Are Rarely Cost Effective
Why Rechargeable Batteries Are Rarely Cost Effective September 15th, 2009 I was standing in line at a local electronics store the other day when I struck up a conversation with the guy ahead of me who had a basket full of battery chargers and AA rechargeable batteries. It turns out he had decided to replace all of the batteries in his house with the rechargeable kind. Between the batteries and the chargers this guy plunked down over a hundred bucks!
Rechargeables are best for frequently-used, high-current-draw devices (cellphone, for example). Anything with infrequent battery changes (clocks etc), will take practically forever to reach break-even on costs using rechargeables.
It makes more sense to use alkaline batteries for low-draw devices like wall clocks because they lose power at a much slower rate than rechargeable batteries.
I realize many people want to convert to rechargeable batteries for environmental reasons, which is fair enough. But the truth of the matter is this: when cost is the primary discriminator, low current-draw devices simply don’t warrant the extra expense of rechargeable batteries. That’s because the batteries of low current-draw devices are typically changed so infrequently that the payback period for equivalent rechargeable batteries would be too far long to justify the investment!
How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Windows Laptop
these tips can help you keep your battery working at peak efficiency.