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How to do Basecamp-style subdomains in Rails - (37signals)

Brian Mastenbrook: How I cross-site scripted Twitter in 15 minutes, and why you shouldn't store important data on 37signals' applications
How Twitter was hacked.
Setting Pricing for a Startup - The Rule of 80% - Sachin Agarwal's blog
So here's my rule: The rule of 80%. For anyone selling on an incremental basis, set your break points that the per-unit costs of the new tier are 80% of the per-unit cost for the previous tier.
In just the last week, two different people have come to me to get feedback on their pricing. One was a startup selling a very sophisticated product to corporate enterprises. The other was selling consulting services to individuals, small businesses, and trade associations. In both cases, however, the questions were the same: how should I price this on a per-head basis? When should I charge a flat fee? How do I make sure I'm not leaving money on the table? How do I make sure I'm not losing customers?
An exploration of the Basecamp Account (Upgrade/Billing) Screen
Excellent demonstration of the creative process while keeping in mind user-interaction/understanding and company branding/personality.
How stuff gets designed at Basecamp. I love the thought proces design the design: [from]