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C-teamで作るバナー広告の効果がスゴすぎてひいた話 : ロケスタ社長日記

27 Huge Publishers Join To Replace The Banner
הגדלת גדלי הבאנרים
Tror Oliver IA skrev om idén för ett år sedan.
Can Hands: Pringles
Great ad concept
This is the first time I click on ads purposefully.
ignore the article. click the banner ad. There's a reason it won an award. Shear awesomeness.
The best ad ever.
Cool VW Flash Ad
sag vw deinen twitter-nick und vw verrät dir, welcher volkswagen zu dir passt... lustige werbeaktion, die auch deine tweets mit auswertet... schneeengels vw soll übrigens der passat cc sein...
Banner interactivo con API de Twitter para VW
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To me, the most important element was actually testing everything as we went. By putting in a little extra work, we could quickly gauge which ad creative, landing page and advertiser was giving us the best results and react accordingly.
Banner Ad Design | PointBanner Home
Based in New York City, allows online marketers to quickly order fully-customized banner ads and receive professionally designed, campaign-ready graphics within 48 hours. Formed to help marketing managers, small-business owners, affiliate marketers and eBay merchants slash the cost of production to as low as $49 per ad,
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MAY 18, 2009, eMarketer
In addition, 27% reported that they did an online search for the product, brand or company, and 21% typed the company Web address in their browser. Nine percent sought additional information using social media tools.