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Searching twitter for tweets that have certain links in 'em.
Search for links on Twitter.
Search for real URLs behind the shortened ones on Twitter.
Search for links on twitter through url shortening services like tinyurl
Open Site Explorer Link Analysis
links analysis tool
Link Development Training: How Link Building for SEO is Like Picking Up a Girl | Search and Social Media Marketing Consultant
re important and the basic criteria for estab
Gettin' hit by traffic...not cars. Information on internet marketing tools, search marketing news. Commentary, tips and tutorials on pay-per-click, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and recent industry events with a little bit of humor and sarcasm.
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Link development is tough. Not everyone can create amazing linkbait, as easy as the experts make it sound. It’s not an easy proposition to get people to link to your website if you’re a local realtor, mortgage broker, or holistic doctor for that matter. It is POSSIBLE though with the right approach to actually solicit and develop links that will help your search engine rankings. From LOTS of trial and error, here’s the process I’ve developed for training link developers to become true link ninjas that will hunt and pursue links that actually make a site rank high for targeted terms.