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Aeroseek: Real-Time Flight Tracking

Flight tracking
The Road to Area 51 - Los Angeles Times,0,786384.story
Here are a few of their best stories—for the record:
SR-71 Break-Up
Among professional aviators, there's a well-worn saying: Flying is simply hours of boredom punctuated by moments of stark terror. And yet, I don't recall too many periods of boredom during my 30-year career with Lockheed, most of which was spent as a test pilot.
"My aircraft disintegrated around me at Mach3, 78,000ft" (hat tip to Dan Kuper for the link)
Air France 447 - AFR447 - A detailed meteorological analysis - Satellite and weather data
for the data junkies - very nice seeming piece of work [h/t james fallows' blog]
V. dense and technical. The feedback from pilots and meteorologists is particularly interesting.
In flight - The Big Picture -
Wu Zhongyuan
Amazing high resolution flight pictures
Just beautiful pictures.
Is aviation security mostly for show? -
Dear US government and TSA. This is reality, not TV. Please act accordingly not stupidly.
A terrorist attack cannot possibly destroy a country's way of life; it's only our reaction to that attack that can do that kind of damage. The more we undermine our own laws, the more we convert our buildings into fortresses, the more we reduce the freedoms and liberties at the foundation of our societies, the more we're doing the terrorists' job for them.
“By not overreacting, by not responding to movie-plot threats, and by not becoming defensive, we demonstrate the resilience of our society, in our laws, our culture, our freedoms. There is a difference between indomitability and arrogant "bring 'em on" rhetoric. There's a difference between accepting the inherent risk that comes with a free and open society, and hyping the threats.”
Professor Schneier does it again. He puts into words what I've been thinking, much better than I could have done so.
Last week's attempted terror attack on an airplane heading from Amsterdam to Detroit has given rise to a bunch of familiar questions. How did the explosives get past security screening? What steps could be taken to avert similar attacks? Why wasn't there an air marshal on the flight? And, predictably, government officials have rushed to institute new safety measures to close holes in the system exposed by the incident. Reviewing what happened is important, but a lot of the discussion is off-base, a reflection of the fundamentally wrong conception most people have of terrorism and how to combat it.
Sam Potts Inc.
How to land a 747. Main Checklist
Would this really be the way?
I've always wanted to know that.
The website of Sam Potts Inc., graphic design office in New York City.
Dark Roasted Blend: Monstrous Aviation, Part 2 - Huge Helicopters
Mil V-12, oy!
Awesome helicopters
Fotografías y textos de los helicópteros más grandes del mundo.