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Useful Ajax Auto Suggest scripts collection
Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Building Fast Client-side Searches

Interesting comparison of JSON and homebrewed control-char delimited data.
This widget downloads a list of all of your contacts, in JavaScript, in under 200ms (this is true even for members with 10,000+ contacts).
A fancy search suggestion
nicely designed autosuggest results drop down!
TextboxList « Devthought
TextboxList turns normal textboxes into a widget which can be navigated with the keyboard, effectively turning your input into a “list” of items that can be easily deleted. It comes with an official Autocomplete plugin.
Mootools multiple tags entry in input field
new TextboxList('form_tags_input
autosuggest, tags Apple Mail style
I rolled up the autocomplete plugin (Rein + Yehuda) of my last few posts with the Facebook style text list (Guillermo) of my autobox post. We’re calling it Autobox2: click here to see the demo. Then, download it: Updated 12/11 (see comments) Although it is missing some of the behavior of autobox1, it’s a more solid and extendable implementation. It also fixes what is in my mind the most glaring problem of autobox1, the fact that it needed the entire list in the initial ajax call. Autobox2 makes AJAX calls the same way that the autocomplete one does, makes a server call with the current contents of the input box. This is the way you would expect. I will no longer be releasing any more changes to Autobox1 and you can consider it deprecated. (I’ve noted this on the main Autobox1 post.) As to the implementation, it is based on the Rein and Yehuda’s autocomplete plugin as detailed in 2 previous posts. There were a few things borrowe
pysmell - Google Code
python completion for IDE including Emacs
python autocomplete for vim
James Smith • » Blog Archive » jQuery Plugin: Tokenizing Autocomplete Text Entry
This is a jQuery plugin to allow users to select multiple items from a predefined list, using autocompletion as they type to find each item. You may have seen a similar type of text entry when filling in the recipients field sending messages on facebook.
Autocomplete with multiple items per input.
TextboxList « Devthought
Facebook style autocomplete
dev thought's version of the popular facebook textboxlist
best facebook style autocomplete jquery plugin.
wow, this is the shit!
15 Best Techniques For Implementing Autosuggest With AJAX Into Your Site - TZ
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50 Best jQuery plugins - June 2009 | AjaxLine
50 Best jQuery plugins - June 2009 | AjaxLine
Autocomplete Me
Ajax Autocomplete for jQuery
AutoSuggest jQuery Plugin |
So I needed to add some auto-completing functionality to my project Build It With Me. I figured it would be easy to find a ready-made jQuery plugin to do the work for me. I was wrong. Naturally I took it upon myself to solve this problem for all of you :) I created this plugin to be as general purpose as possible. As a result it ended up being vastly more customizable than any other jQuery auto-complete plugin. Not only that, I am using actual jQuery. For some reason all the other "jQuery" plugins don't really take advantage of the radness that is jQuery. Consequently, my plugin ended up being dramatically smaller in size (way less code). Just 7kb minified. Have fun with it! AutoSuggest is a very lightweight jQuery plugin that makes auto-completing extremely easy.
A List Apart: Articles: Accent Folding for Auto-Complete
In this article we will skip through a bit of history and theory, then illustrate a neat hack called accent-folding. Accent-folding has its limitations but it can help make some important yet overlooked user interactions work better.
Excellent JQuery Plugins To Enhance Form Validation | AntsMagazine.Com
formualire d'autocompletion en jquery
How to Use the jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget | Nettuts+
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