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taraljc: Ad Astra

"When you were a child," Sarek finally said, looking older than Spock had ever seen him, "you would disappear into the mountains for days. It would worry your mother. When you returned, I would punish you, and you always endured it. But it did not prevent you from returning to the mountains."
Spock had no opportunity to address Nyota in private until 16.8 hours after their return to San Francisco.
If he were to die in this attempt, there would be no other opportunity to reassure her as to the depth of his affection for her, and that her actions had neither been unwise, nor unwelcome. Therefore, he could not remain silent.
"To the stars." The beauty and difficulty and solidity of Spock and Uhura's relationship, post-movie. Leaves me smiling. [lj]
more Uhura/Spock. *loves*
But the last thought he'd had before the world around him exploded with light was that he promised to return to her. He wished to keep his promise.
Both pre- and post-movie; Spock and Uhura's relationship sparks, develops. Really nice.
long, thoughtful, and thorough telling of the growth Spock and Uhura's relationship from Spock's perspective, during and following the events of the movie. rich with detail about things previously only hinted at; this is precisely how I imagine them to be.
A sort of missing scenes fic for the movie with Spock and Uhura - very nice, and has both of them acting like intelligent grownups - win!
missing scenes