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lazulisong: [fic] [star trek] [gen] Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit [1/2]

"Mr Kirk," says the poor bastard assigned to teach Basic Principles of Vulcan. Jim wonders what he did. Teaching human cadets to say "My name is Bob" in Vulcan has to be the worst thing that one Vulcan could think of to do to another. "A word with you in my office." star trek big bang Jim grimaces but stands up. "Yes, Commander Sakel," he says.
marvellous jim gen, post-tarsus iv. in which a vulcan from the kelvin teaches jim vulcan, and then jim has to lie about it in order to not get sucked into xenolinguistics. pre- and post-movie interspersed. amazingly done.
An enjoyable and interesting story about Jim's relationship with an OC mentor. It reminds me of what I like best in Snape mentors Harry fic, and the OC is really wonderful. Jim is his assholish, grating self in this fic, but I can stand him because of his friendships with the OC and McCoy. Lots of clever and surprising details in this fic, great Vulcan world building with some fun with the star trek "one culture per planet" cliche. The strong local Portland flavor is nice, but the Anglo American culture = Earth thing annoyed me a bit, even if it is canon and even if it makes perfect sense in the story structure, and even if it is a funny ivory tower joke. I suppose this fic is just too awesome and wonderful for a tiny niggling detail not to stand out. Oh, and it makes me so happy that Jim's queerness is a source of unproblematic joy in his otherwise messed up life. Background canon het (very cute) and strong canon subtext made text. Good, realistic university atmosphere.
It really does take a village to raise a Jim.
It's just written beautifully. I love the way it builds, I love the format, its just... guh.
It really does take a village to raise a Jim
It really does take a village to raise a Jim. (Awesome Vulcan mentor/father figure, Smart Jim, Tarsus IV, Kid!Jim, Kirk/McCoy/Spock/Uhura-Friendship, and Jim being able to speak Vulcan. Really amazing story!)
My favorite