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grabi_hands: 16 Things Jim Kirk Is Allowed To Do In Private: a chronological list compiled by First Officer Spock

WORDS: 2758 A chronological list compiled by First Officer Spock.
as the title says
Of course Spock would compile a list of t hings Jim's allowed to do, cause list are tp Spock as pushing boundaries are to Jim.
exactly what it sounds like
1- he is allowed to initiate a kiss on the mouth.
It was a sudden move - illogical and unpredictable, as it always was. He had gone to the captain's quarters without knowing what he was getting himself into, apparently, and while he had only expected to have a little companionship in his suddenly-empty evenings, he did not expect this. Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock. R.
12- he is allowed to speak of illogical, unimportant matters, on the condition that he does not expect and will not receive a response. he is not, however, allowed to attempt to produce musical sounds using his vocal chords. this activity will always result in his untimely expurgation from the first officer's quarters, or even his own.
See title. XD
What it says on the label.
In relation to this fic, because someone asked for a list and I had way too much fun thinking about it. Also, jesuschrist fluff. I am full of sap. Sequel to Spiccato
In relation to "Spiccato"