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green: Fic: A Point of Vulnerability (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)

Kirk is captured and given sex drugs. McCoy lends a hand, but Kirk doesn't remember afterwards.
Kirk is captured! There's sex drugs! And then it all gets complicated.
Kirk is an alien love slave! he lives in an alien love cave! He massages their backes, as he does their taxes!
Clothes, clothes were hard. Kirk's uniform was full of hidden buttons and zippers to give him that freshly starched look, so he concentrated on McCoy's uniform. He damned near ripped it to get it off. Then there was skin, wonderful skin over strong muscles, pressed tight against his own. Kirk didn't care how wantonly he was moaning, didn't care if the whole ship could hear him.
Kirk adjusted the thin, shiny material that barely covered his ass and hoped his crew came to rescue him soon.