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cormallen: The Silver Ring Master Post

Jared has an over-active imagination. Right?
Everyone knows that nothing ever happens in quaint, sleepy New Exeter, but to hear Jared Padalecki tell it, the town's rife with adventure, from a fairy princess searching for her true love to neighboring mice redrawing the borders and engaging in mortal combat. Of course, everyone, from his parents to the mayor, also knows that Jared's been making up stories ever since he learned his ABCs, and his friends, the eccentric owners of The Amber Moon Magic Shoppe, only encourage him. So when Sandy and Jeff give Jared a magic ring, it doesn't mean an enchanted prince will be arriving to claim it. Or does it?
Jared tells stories. Sandy and Jeff run a magic shop. The mice under the Padaleckis' porch are fighting a war against the mice next door.
The one where Jared's always had a touch of magic in his life and Jensen's the literal man of his dreams. [And Jensen is barely even in the story before -gasp!- they start in on happily ever after.] Wildly unbalanced with regard to Jensen's character, but still very good.
25,500 Just like a number of fairy tales, this one can be seen as having some consent issues – consider this less Disney and more Brothers Grimm, and click accordingly.