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Travel photography: The Wave - Los Angeles Times,0,7729647.special

The Wave is a red-rock stunner on the border of Arizona and Utah, made of 190-million-year-old sand dunes that have turned to rock. L.A. Times photographer Spencer Weiner captured the swirling drama of this little-known formation that's accessible only on foot via a three-mile hike and highly regulated. (To apply for a permit, go to the Bureau of Land Management's Arizona Web page.) An earlier version of this text incorrectly said the sand dunes are 190 years old. Outside: Exploring the swirl Inside: Navajo sandstone and blue sky Inside: Walking on cinnamon taffy Outside: A vista of textures Outside: Desert-dwelling lizard READ ABOUT THE WAVE: • Arizona's The Wave a stone-cold stunner • Planning your trip to the Wave
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