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If you've ever been curious about Jughead's hat, this is just the thing for you. It's really in depth and interesting.
The other night, while attending a small dinner party, the conversation turned suddenly to the subject of Jughead's trademark; his goofy, crown-like hat.
"Um, more like, uh, a kind of beanie - - ? You can see them in old movies, old comics and stuff, so surely people must have actually worn them. I guess they were popular with kids in the 1930s or '40s, during the depression. Homemade from, uh, felt or - - leather, maybe? Encrusted with buttons or bottle caps or other bling. Think of 'The Little Rascals'. Kids shining shoes on street corners, or - - y'know, teen-age delinquents riding around in jalopies."
On the origins of Jughead's hat.
what the heck is Jughead wearing on his head?
this is the coolest bit of pop-culture history I've seen in a while