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The Plot to Kill Google

DOJ story on Google's failed attempt to do advertising with Yahoo.. and lawyer-ly intrique and microsoft scare tactics
An article on everyone's favorite search engine by the awesome folks over at
Google may not be evil, but it sure does have enemies.
The Case Against Apple–in Five Parts « The Jason Calacanis Weblog
Sadly, @jasoncalacanis has it right. The whole ecosystem would be better if Apple opened their hardware/software. Not sure if it will keep the public at large from their move to MacBooks and iPhones.
What An Antitrust Case Against Google Might Look Like
googles monopoly
Even Google itself is starting to worry about the possibility that the Department of Justice may seek regulation, possibly even the break-up of Google.
What An Antitrust Case Against Google Might Look Like
irlines initially chose to participate early, when participation in the CRSs was free. Only later, when agencies had come to depend upon CRSs, and thus when airlines had become dependent upon CRSs as well, did Sabre and Apollo institute high fees for reservations, ticketing, and other services they provided to the airlines.